Cast of Characters




 Kim Myung Min
as  Joo Young Soo
"I abandoned myself after that day..."
Feeling betrayed by God after his daughter is kidnapped, Pastor Joo Young Soo turns away from his faith and becomes a lowlife businessman. But he lives in guilt and sorrow for not being able to find his daughter.
"After 8 years...I will never lose again"
One day, eight years after the incident, he receives a shocking call. The daughter assumed to be dead is alive, and she's with the man who shattered his life! 
Young Soo, filled with rage and long forgotten love of a father, starts a fierce struggle to recover his daughter from the criminal.
as Rudolph/Choi Byung Chul
"The reason why I contacted you only after 8 years is not important, but what's important is that Hyerin is still alive.”

He has a friendly and innocent-looking face, but he doesn't feel guilty about kidnapping and killing children.

He lives with Hyerin since he abducted her eight years ago. When he encounters Young Soo Joo on the street by chance, their ill-fated relationship starts again.


Park Joo Mi
as Min Kyung
“If I have to die to find Hyerin, I would do so...  a hundred, even a thousand times."

Min Kyung lives in guilt for not being able to find Hyerin. She never gave up hope and continues to search for her alone, even after the investigation is over.

She is in a conflict with her husband, Young Soo, who changed into a totally different person right after the incident happened. And only the belief that her daughter is still alive keeps her going.

One day, while doing the usual distribution of flyers, she sees a girl holding a man's hand pass by. Believing that the girl is her daughter, she chases after her.


as Joo Hyerin didn't forget me, did you?”
5-year-old Hyerin grew up with her pastor dad and her loving mom. One day, she's taken away by a stranger and lives with him for 8 years, forgetting how to feel.

She cannot remember her father, nor her father's face. But she knows within herself that he is looking for her, which awakened the instinct to escape from Rudolph's captivity.