Into the Mirror/거울속으로 (2003)

Released: 2003
Dreampia Department Store is preparing to re-open after being closed for a year due to a mysterious fire. Inside the store, a series of horrific serial murders are discovered. Late at night, an employee in the planning department Choi Mi-jeong is found in the restroom, having slit her throat with a pizza cutter. Next, Section Chief Kim from the General Affairs department dies alone at night in the elevator with a ball point pen thrust into his ear canal. The only commonalities in the cases are their location in front of mirrors, and the severe shock which helped to bring about their deaths.

Wu Young-min (Yoo Ji-tae), a former policeman who inadvertently brought about the death of his partner during a face-off with a criminal, has quit the force and now heads up security at Dreampia Department Store. Wu comes across his former rival and co-worker Ha Hyun-su (Kim Myung-min), who now heads the investigation into the recent murders at the department store. Hyun-su still blames Young-min for the death of their friend and is not interested in cooperation. The more clues they stumble on, the more strange and unnatural the truth becomes.

  • Yoo Ji-tae as Wu Young-min
  • Kim Hye-na as Lee Ji-Hyun
  • Kim Myung Min as Ha Hyun-su
International Film Festivals
  2003 Tokyo FilmEx
  2005 Gerardmer International Fantastic Film Festival, Inédits Vidéos , Le Prix du Public Inedits Video Mad Movie
  2004 Fantasia Film Festival , Korean Cinema
  2004 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival,
  2004 Mar del Plata International Film Festival ,
  2003 SSITGES International Film Festival of Catalonia,