The White Tower / 하얀거탑 (2007)

Title: The White Tower/하얀거탑
Genre: Medical drama
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-Jan-06 to 2007-Mar-11
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:40
Based on Japanese novelist Yamazaki Toyoko's renowned work, The White Tower brings Korean TV drama fans deep into the political inner workings of the medical field.

The brilliant and ambitious surgeon Jang Joon Hyuk stops at nothing to rise to a position of authority, while the committed Choi Do Young devotes himself to his patients and research.
With the head of the surgery department retiring , the doctors are restless getting ready for the election. Jang seems to be the obvious choice until Roh Min Gook came into the picture with the backing of the department head. Jang, however, is determined to win at all costs.
Jang Joon-hyuk (general surgery professor): Kim Myung Min (Immortal Yi Soon-shin)
Choi Dong-young: Lee Sun Gyun (The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince)
No Min-kook: Cha In Pyo (Fireworks)
Lee Yoon-ji (Prof. Lee's daughter): Song Sun Mi (Secret Lovers)
Kang Hee-jae: Kim Bo Kyung (Immortal Yi Soon-shin)
Prof. Lee Joo-wan: Lee Jung Gil (Lovers in Prague)
Woo Yong-gil: Kim Chang Wan (Prince's First Love)
Prof. Oh Kyung Hwan: Byun Hee Bong (Second Proposal)
Min Soo-jung (Joon-hyuk's wife): Im Seong Eon (Wild Flower)
Min Won-jang: Jung Han Yong (Stairway to Heaven)
Joon-hyuk's mom: Jung Young Sook (Love is All Around)
Yeom Dong-il: Ki Tae Young (The Outdoor Lamp)
Ha Eun-hye: Lee Seung Min (April Kiss)
Yoo Pil-sang: Lee Hee Do (Glass Slipper)
Yoo Mi-ra: Jang So Yeon (Seducing Mr Right)
Park Gun-ha: Han Sang Jin (What Happened in Bali)