How did MMI start?

MyungMin International is an international fanclub for Kim Myung Min, established by international fans originally based in Soompi. MMI was founded on 1 March 2009, though the early planning stages already began in January 2009.

Currently, we have more around 200 members from over 20 different countries. We have also partnered with several websites and blogs that support Kim Myung Min.

As of 23 December 2009, MMI gained official approval of Kim Myung Min's management and is now the official Fan Club and Website for international fans.


How are we organized?

MyungMin International’s organizational structure is basically composed of three sections which work together in running the fanclub.
* Administration Section covers all things from membership, to rules, to forum & website maintenance.
* Internal Relations Section is responsible for communicating news and information inside the fan club.
* Public Relations Section is responsible for the communication with the outside world, translations and design.

About MMI

Welcome to the official international Fanclub and Website dedicated to the life and works of the Korean Actor, Kim Myung Min.


We are fans from all over the world who came across his movies or shows one time or another and got hooked. We like to watch the shows and movies, to discuss and share our interest with others.